Covering costs

as much as we'd love to keep this site running without any kind of sponsored posts or ads,  Spirit Kid Network costs us money. At its most basic, our costs include web hosting, domain names, and attending workshops and courses to help us continue to develop content that is relevant and accessible. However we have big dreams for Spirit Kid Network and hope to see it grow into a much larger resource over time, which will incur further costs in terms of time and collaborating with others. This is where advertising and commercial partnerships come in.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

One of the easiest ways for us to raise funds is via advertising and affiliate links. These may be posted within the sidebar or individual posts and will be from sites such as Amazon or individual companies that we feel are of interest to our readers. Adverts and affiliate links will always be disclosed as such, so that you know exactly when we are linking to them as opposed to a standard link. If you click on an advert or affiliate link and then go on to buy a product from the company's website, we will receive a certain percentage of what you spend. We aim to include relevant content alongside all adverts and/or affiliate links and we hope that they will add value to the site without distracting you too much. 

Reviews and Sponsored Content

We will, occasionally, accept an item to review or sponsored content if we feel that it is of value to both our family and our readers' families. Whenever this happens we will always disclose that we are working with another company. You can be sure that any and all reviews will include our honest opinions and that sponsored content written by a third party will always be assessed by us before being published on the site.

Products and Services

Our aim is to, one day, begin producing certain "paid for" products and services, such as eBooks. However we believe the best way to interest readers in buying such products is to continue providing high quality content for free on a regular basis. This includes not only blog posts but also free downloads, such as printables. Whilst we wish for Spirit Kid Network to grow into a viable business, we believe in balancing this out with as much free content as possible.

Other work

We will, on occasions, take on work alongside Spirit Kid Network, such as providing content for other publications. We hope that this will enhance the work we do here, rather than take away from it.

Any questions?

We hope that the above details explain how we earn money through what we do, however if you have any questions, please do let us know.