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Spirit Kid Network - What's It All About?

Spirit Kid Network is an online resource for families with an interest in modern spirituality and conscious living.

The idea for it grew out of my own search for information and support in raising our son in a way that reflected our individual beliefs and ideas. We believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give our child(ren) is the confidence to go out and explore the world and find their own path in life as they grow up. But whilst there are a lot of resources out there for adults doing just that, there seems to be very little for children and their parents. This is where Spirit Kid Network comes in.

I have spent hours searching the internet for blogs, articles, and resources that can help families like ours explore and express who they are, with confidence and conviction. Whilst I personally consider myself to be a (Liberal) Christian and we draw huge inspiration from modern Paganism as well, we are passionate about sharing content that is positively affirming and engaging, no matter its source.

The Story So Far

We are still very young, having only launched in January 2016, but already we have made some great connections…

Our first post – What Do We Mean By “Raising Spiritual Kids”?

Our most popular post – Exploring Emotions with Kids – Playing The “I Am” Game

Our most collaborative post – Introducing Leanne Pearce's “Breastfeed” Series – Encouraging Conversation Through Art

Our first free resource - The SKN Activity Advent Calendar

Our first free eBook for kids - The Spirit Kid's Guide to Chakras

Get Involved

Spirit Kid Network is more than just a personal blog, and we have big dreams for it. But in order for us to grow we need your help.

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About Us

SKN Amanda


With over 10 years experience working on blogs, forums and social media, Amanda is the driving force behind the development of Spirit Kid Network.


With experience of attending multiple retreats and local gatherings, Tim is particularly interested in sharing ideas for celebrating the seasons together.


Wonderful Boy (AKA WB)

The name "Wonderful Boy" comes from WB's insistence that he is "wonderful" - WB is a constant source of wonder and the inspiration behind Spirit Kid Network.