Welcome to Spirit Kid Network (SKN)

Spirit Kid Network began in 2016 as a way for our family to explore the idea of "raising spiritual kids in the modern world". As a family, we have a rather religiously diverse experience, and so we wanted to share that with others who may be raising spiritual kids in a way that doesn't quite fit the more traditional forms of religion.

Most of our posts focus on a mix of (Liberal) Christianity and Paganism, as this is our personal experience, however we wish to reassure you that any and all forms of religious expression are welcome here, so long as they're shared with the understanding that there's far more in the world that unites us that separates us. Namaste.

For Kids

This section includes resources we have created specifically for kids. 

For Adults

This section includes a collection of our very best blog posts to help you in your spiritual journey.


This is where you will find updates about SKN as well as our thoughts on raising a spiritual child.